Who Am I ?


 Welcome to the Realm of  AhhMUSE, where Iconic Storytelling Portraiture and the enchanted LAMUSE Boudoir blend and merge. Tammy, is the Los Angeles based Art Director/  Published Photographer and face behind the veil for AhhMUSE Photography.  Capturing the magic of who you are in the moment is what she wishes for you to become more of,  long after your imagery has been immortalized. Tammy's personal mission in life is in reminding us all that we are multidimensional beings, capable of the extraordinary! Contrast is what makes life whole and interesting in this very dualistic world. It's about finding your center point.  "Ahh" is the sound of creation and "Muse" is the source of inspiration. The name AhhMUSE was birthed from the many years that Tammy spent in the practice of meditation and developing her own self-awareness. Learning how to harness and work within higher states of consciousness directly from the prolific leaders in mind-body medicine (Drs. Deepak Chopra and the late David Simon), lead her to become a  Chopra certified meditation instructor in 2006. She believes that meditation has been the key to expanding artistic creativity, love, health and inner peace in her life.

 Before her "awakening" Tammy spent her early twenties as a published glamour and pinup model. Being in front of the lens opened doors to new miraculous opportunities. This gave her a sense of confidence and optimism that money could not buy as she traveled the world and discovered more of her own being. Although she had fun and referred to the world as feeling like her "oyster", Tammy recognized that so much of her reality was transient. She felt that there must be a deeper, more meaningful reason for choosing to go down, "The Rabbit Hole."

 Surrender ...is what she came to learn and explore.

 In her own words ... "I have come to the realization that in order to be actually free, you must truly let go, and live fully in the NOW moment, which is the best NOW ever! When you embrace this universal law, you are gifted with the awareness that you are everything and nothing simultaneously. You become... AhhMUSE." 


                                           In a nutshell...

We're a Professional Photographer and Cinematographer Team based in the heart of downtown Los Angeles available worldwide. We are visual storytellers who can help breathe new life into the way you wish to be perceived!  We have the ability to scale up or down depending on your photography/video goals.  We work from a private, artistic style studio for both portraits and Boudoir. If you have a larger sized project in mind, we also have an industrial style studio ( complete with roll-up door) that's available for music video and other commercial level productions.  

What can YOU do for ME? 

 We offer the opportunity to choose your own adventure! We believe in creating an amazing and rewarding

 experience from start to finish. From your initial phone consultation, you will take comfort in knowing that we can gently take your hand as we guide you through this fun and inspiring once in a lifetime, transformational opportunity. Tammy uses her creative eye and artful skills to bring your dreams to life. With her innate ability to connect deeply with her subject behind the camera, you will find that it is easy and more than comfortable to be your truly beautiful sELF. +She merges her passion for photography with her gift of art and design. Her intention is to create a timeless piece of art that can be enjoyed for generations after generation. With this in mind, she can help you create a concept shoot that can be artfully designed to be proudly displayed on your home, office walls or the pages of a magazine! If privacy and is your cup of tea,  take comfort in choosing a custom fine leather album that can be secretly tucked away to be gifted to your Beloved. From theme, mood, color, location, custom props, set design, styling, to the meticulous retouching...the possibilities are endless! Let the extraordinary be your ordinary!