Shoot Prep




Ahhh... It's only a few days before the big day!  The excitement and anticipation are setting in! 


Things to Remember

Always make time to take  care of yourself! Keep well hydrated and try your best to get your beauty sleep. It's ahhhmazing what some H20 and some much needed REST can do for a girl's skin and overall WELLBEING!  Try adding some cucumber, lemon and mint to your spring water and refrigerate it over night. This simple, not-so-secret spa elixir has a hydrating, slimming and detoxing effect on your body. Not to mention it's a definite pick me up for your Mind and Spirit too!

Keep It Smooth and Silky    

Ok Ladies, don't you feel sexier when your legs are smooth? Keep in mind that your under arms and bikini line are equally important for a beautiful result! Try to shave the morning of your session. If shaving is not your forte, and waxing is where it's at for you; try scheduling your waxing approximently 3-5 days beforehand. will feel much more CONFIDENT in posing!  

For the Golden Girl

Beach waves, sand in toes, sun-kissed hair and oops!...the spray tan that left orange streaks! Okay, okay... this may not be you but... many of us have experienced this ourselves or know a friend or stranger that has. Yes it's tempting to wanna tan for that instant SEXY look. We sooo get it! But our muses also know that pink cheeks should the result of what was applied with make up to your beautiful face...not your bottom! SoCal beach babes... please remember to apply your SPF when basking in the sun! For my fair ladies...the alternatives of spray tan and tanning beds can be ever so tempting but If your gonna to go for it, please try to do so leaving 3 days between a spray tan /tanning bed and your Boudoir session. The overall color of your skin in the final images will be in your favor when you do! 

Mani Pedi

Are you the Glamour gal, Nature  Girl, Classic Beauty, Boho Chic, Siren or Goddess? Your hands and toes can tell a lot about you. No matter if you are into short nails or long, french mani for red pedi...keep them clean and neat! 

What Shall I Wear? 

You can wear anything to your session that's comfy and loose fitting. From your cozy gym sweats to that chic boho maxi dress, the sky is the limit! Keep in mind that minimizing tight clothing and under garments will help prevent dents and imprints on your beautiful skin!

 Oh! Another Thing To Think About

You may want to bring that gorgeous new favorite outfit to change into after your shoot. It's not uncommon to want to schedule a girls night out or say "yes" to that romantic dinner date the night of! (Pssst...we've got the tip from our previous Lady Lucks' who have done this! Wink, Wink!) 

Upon Arrival

Hair and make up is the most important element for a successful boudoir experience. Please arrive with a clean face with no make up, if you are choosing to purchase our in-house professional make up artist. Be sure to have clean dry hair, ready for the stylist as well.

We highly recommend having your hair and make up done professionally, whether it's with our very own Glam Squad or at your favorite salon and beauty counter. Treat yourself and don't skimp  on this valuable service! You will be ever so thankful that you did!!!

Enjoy this once in a lifetime transformational experience!  The Most important reminder is this... Know that you are beautiful. You are worthy and you deserve the very best life possible!

It's all about YOU! <3