Behind the RED NOSE

  Take a Journey into the multidimensional self with International traveling Artist and Cirque Du Soleil 10 year veteran performer, Facundo Gimenez. Become amused as the Kurios ring master steps out of the Big Top and into his own cabinet of curiosities. Discover what it takes for him to embrace both the light and shadow of society as he brings the dualistic archetypal projections to life. Being raised by a Circus family has given him the incredible ability to use humor as an antidote for connecting into the heart of Humanity. With this awareness, his friend Tammy, (a Los Angeles based photographer) felt a deeper calling to unveil more of his soulful spirit through the looking glass of her camera. Little did they know, a portraiture shoot of the Clown would actually be a catalyst for transformation. They collectively had the intention of awakening to their higher purpose through iconic storytelling. With the help of a passionate team of cultural creatives, they were able to turn the vision of a short film documentary into reality.
Facundo has an innate gift of shapeshifting from being whimsically light hearted to edgy and controversial. Because of his magnetic abilities, he continues to keep the audience captivated, intrigued, and yearning for more long after the velvet curtains fall! Get ready to open your heart and broaden your perspective as you are lead to the discovery of what's really going on... Behind The Red Nose.

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Costume styling by: Taylor Moten
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